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About Us

Each One To Reach One
To Teach One To Reach One
Outreach * Discipleship * Influence


Garside Bible Church’s main goal is to be the “Light of The Community” by helping people seek Christ. As we come together we worship, learn from God's word, and fellowship with each other.

Garside Church is a place for everyone to learn about and strengthen their relationship with Jesus. We accomplish our misson of helping people find their way back to God by celebrating together in weekly worship services, connecting regularly at Family Night,and Jr High student ministries and using our resources in serving through The Hope Project, Food Bank and HomeSider's Senior's Community Centre. We have many ongoing ministries here at Garside for families, youth, children, & seniors.

Come and fellowship with us and be encouraged in your walk with God!

Do You Have Questions?


Many of us do.  We live in a very mixed up world and the daily events we see on the news or witness in our own neighborhoods can make us wonder:


•Who is God?

•If there is a God why does suffering exist?

•What does the Bible have to say about my life?

•How Can I know peace?

If you need answers, we would be glad to help you find your answers.  Please call us at 905 549-4516 or send us an email and talk to the Pastor today!

You are NOT ALONE!

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