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Alyssa Ralph

Ministry Associate 

Alyssa Ralph 

Alyssa Ralph.jpg

I love serving the community here at Garside. Especially in the capacity of Ministry Associate of Children, and Family Ministries. We have so much fun here with the children engaging with God's Word.

I am graduate of Heritage Seminary in Cambridge, Ontario with a Master of Theological Studies. I have a certificate in Biblical Counselling as well as extensive experience in cross cultural ministry and mission work.


Christ has left the Church, and all believers with the call the be his ambassadors, and preach the life saving Gospel to the "Ends of the Earth," serving at Garside has provided the opportunities to engage with this call both in the local community, and abroad. 

Garside is like a family and I am thankful for the opportunity God has given me to serve and be a part of the work that he is doing here. My prayer is that Garside would be a place where people come in and feel at home and where people have life changing encounters with Jesus Christ through the Word of God.


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